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Meetings held by 7th central pay commission as on 26. Implementation of the recommendations of the 7th central pay commission fixation of pay and payment of arrears instructions. After the issue of the orbp orders then 7th pay commission will submit its report. Report of the sixth central pay commission3 mb pdf file opens in a new window annex to the report of the sixth central pay commission 1 mb. The seventh central pay commission commission ccs revised pay rules, 2016 dated25072016 issued by mof. Also, the government said hra will not be less than rs. Opportunity to revision of option to come over to ccs rp rules, 2016. Projected pay scales after 7th pay commission irtsa. Click the above image and download 7th pay commission gazette notification download pdf. Browse the worlds largest ebookstore and start reading today on the web, tablet, phone, or ereader. The mandate of 1st nine members was to examining and recommending emolument structure of civilian employees. The committee is of the view that this cannot be categorized as an allowance as it is not paid to the employee but to the next of kin. The 7th pay commission 2016 salary calculator is built to find the pay scale for all the pay band sectors from pb1 to pb4 and from hag to apex scale. Click the link below to view the file 7th pay commission report submitted download report file reference number 7cpc report file date 19.

In the below calculator, enter your current basic pay, select your respective pay band and grade pay, hra, ta and click calculate to know the new and revised pay as per the 7th pay commission. Click on the 7th pay commission pdf and download it on your pc mobile. Seventh central pay commission ministry of finance goi. Field service concessions to army personnel7th central pay commission mod orders 2020. Gazette notification of 7th central pay commission download shortcomings in pay commission report central government employees to stage dharna on 25th at delhi 7th central pay commission completes its task in the time frame and finalization of the report is underway. Highlights of the 7th pay commission report, know all. Revised 7th cpc pay matrix table for central govt employees finmin resolution issued on 16. Seventh cpc pay commissiondepartment of expenditure. Read about the 7th pay commission pay matrix table, 7th cpc ltc rules, 7th pay commission pension calculator. How to use gconnect 7th pay commission report pay and allowances calculator. This is done as per the recommendations of the report. A pay commission is set up by the government of india and it recommends the changes in the salary structure of central government employees. Revised 7th cpc pay matrix table for central govt employees.

Dearness allowance calculation in 7th cpc gazette notification. Applicability of ccs leave rules 1972 dept of posts. New delhi, the october 5, 2006 asvuna,1928 saka the government of india have been considering for some time past the changes that have taken place in the structure of emoluments of government employees over the years. Seventh central pay commission 7th cpc recommendations. Some more highlights of the 7th pay commission the 7 th pay commission is increasing the salaries by 23. The 7th pay commission submits its report to the central government report download pdf the muchawaited 7th pay commission report was. If the grade pay has been recommended an increase in the report, use the new grade pay above instead of your old grade pay. Pay scale structure table as per state pay committee report 2017. The first pay commission was established on january, 1946 and it submitted its report in may, 1947 to the interim government of india. It was under the chairmanship of srinivasa varadachariar.

Now you may available to check whole new details change in the 7th pay commission 2016 by central government of. Enter your present pay in pay band, which will be the applicable 6cpc pay as on 01. The 7th pay commission was to be implemented in january 2016. Seventh cpc report resolution seventh cpc circulars report of the committee for examining the feasibility of implementation of first option recommended by the seventh central pay commission for revision of pension of pre2016 pensioners. I want details of 7th pay commission report for use in office staffs for information and necessary action please. Revised vacancy position for 50% by direct recruitment dept of posts. Ministry of finance department of expenditure resolution. The sixth pay commission was implemented with effect from january 1, 2006, the fifth from january 1, 1996 and the fourth from january 1, 1986. In the 6cpc pay entry form, select the present pay band grade pay. Pay matrix 7th cpc pay matrix 7th pay commission pay matrix. Download 7th cpc option form and conditions to exercising. However, we observed an interesting factor which is common to all the past pay commission. On the basis of the recommendation of 7 central pay commission, government of india, in the ministry of finance departmental of expenditure th vide notification no. Then after there you will see the 7th pay commission 2016 pdf link.

A dated 8th august, 2007, the terms of reference were enlarged to include the officers and employees of the supreme court. Download 7th cpc option form and conditions to exercising option. Transport allowance recommended by 7th pay commission. The associate professor senior is one of the ranks in teachers. New panel set up, controversy hit ias cadre under scanner the 7th pay commission report is still grabbing headlines as the various permutations and combinations are still being bandied about and discussed threadbare and now it spans a big controversy that has to do with the near monopoly currently enjoyed by the ias and how to end it, once and for. Seventh central pay commission department of defence. The commission has designed the new pay matrix keeping in view the vast opportunities that have opened up outside government over the last three decades, generating greater competition for human resources and the need to attract and retain the best available talent in government services. If one tries to suggest or comment about 7th pay commission pay scale or about what the seventh pay commission pay scales, it will seem too premature.

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